Take Care Magazine
 Edition 04, 2021 

          Take Care Magazine — giving tribute to the class of 2020 graduates and London based young Designers who were hit by the effects of the  pandemic and brexit last year.

To their resilience, audacity and creativity to find solutions and jump hurdles in a year of obstacles 

Anna Delleryee
Collection 02, 2021

           Anna Delleryee —  The Monumental Self — is build surrounding the idea of how we can use body language to express strength in fragility. Body, garment and surrounding are created in an intersectional space where we explore notions of hiding and revealing as a means of manifesting ones strength in fragility.


          QasimiAW21 — We all live under the same sky.The brand's narrative centres around the idea of an urban nomad who's endeavours takes one on various journeys across the Arab world - a culture dialogue and exchange, seeking to unite rather than divide through the powerful medium of clothes.

Maison Heroine

    Maison Heroine — just beautiful is not enough, all Maison Hēroïne models are produced sustainably, fairly and free of chemicals.

Honey Dijon & Comme des Garcon
British Vogue 2019

    Honey DijonVogue —The DJ-turned-designer has spent her career finding her community: now, through an on-going collaboration with Comme Des Garçons, she’s making that spirit material.

    Maison Heroine — Since 2020, Maison Hēroïne has been using only PETA-approved vegan leather or leftover pieces from leather production for all upcoming collections, which are processed into new pieces of leather in an innovative process. Anything that would otherwise be thrown away is processed and then processed into high-quality bags in our production facilities.

Sydney Brown
SS 2019

        Sydney BrownSS19 — sustainable vegan shoes in the believe that luxury can be produced in a environmentally-friendly way.

OIL Official 

    Olive Brown— Oyster Magazine — Future so bright. Berlin-based label OIL likes to spill between states of feminine and masculine, intimate and rough, soft and strong.

When we look at it, we see a colourful and textural connectedness that practices what it preaches. Produced independently in Berlin, using entirely sustainable energy sources, the brand has committed to leaving behind as little waste as possible and supporting their local makers.

Laura Gerte
AW 2019

    Laura Gerte —A collection that plays with proportions by distorting and shifting them thus breaking up the silhouette. Playful and classic patterns get re-contextualized, quoted and interpreted freshly. The screen and digital prints are inspired by protein shakes from bodybuilding which support the workout in changing the physique.

Thomas Cohen
Press Shots 2018

Kali K. Nejad
SS 2018

            Kali K. NejadCollection 01 — Unity in diversity.

Press Shots 2018