Visual Artist

We don’t see a naked world, we see a world which has been created through language, concepts and above all, memory. It is a phenomenological truth that perception is active action driven by intentionality and thereby our understanding of the world becomes diversified.

Working with friends and members of my community, my work combines photography, film and sculpture, to explore contrasting modes of representation to highlight the differences in our shaping of realities. There is an inequality between being in a situation, seeing a situation and telling the situation. Different nuances exist side by side, none of them less true than the other.

Phenomenology, intersubjectivity, inter-corporeality, mirroring, and the in-between, are all core themes of my practice. They are theories and concepts attempting to interpret the complexity of human connection and the unseen space that develops between them. How do we frame the subjects involved and where do the boundaries lie between them? Can an interaction itself be viewed as an additional entity? Or can we become one through interaction?