“I only exist because of you, I can see myself through your eyes, I am visible because of your gaze, we always exist in relation to others.”

Anna-Lena Krause is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Her research, rooted across numerous fields of psychology and behavioural science, results in artworks questioning the bonds connecting people in the modern world. The Berlin born artist delves into photography, sculpture, performance and continues to exploe new ways to research and dissect the themes relating to the being and our perceptions.

She obtained her BA in Photography at the University of Applied Science in 2018 in Berlin and her MA Degree in 2021 at the Royal College of Art in London.

Krause has had various group exhibitions including the Rencontres des Arles, France, the European Months of Photography in Berlin, ‘Sweet Harmony‘ at Saatchi Gallery in London, ‘No Photos on the Dance Floor‘ at the C/O Berlin and ‘Up All Night: Looking Closely at Rave Culture’ at KUMU Art Museum in Estonia.