A Whole Population
Housed Inside A Single Body 

London / 2023

Performance in collaberation with Joshua Woolford 

As the influence of emerging technologies continues to define and redefine our realities, ‘A Whole Population Housed Inside a Single Body’ explores and expands upon the roles of digital, technological and organic interfaces as mediators toward a shared existence.

Human experiences are lived and held in the body. Skin, clothing and other physical cues from our external surfaces shape the visible and tangible human interface.

An interface which is in constant flux, navigating both physical and digital realms through sight, sound and touch. Within these realms, everything moves in relation to each other. Nothing is isolated, nor can it be understood without all other things.

To be a body isn't to be in space, it is to be of it. As the boundaries between collective bodies merge and individuality is reimagined, we find elements of others within us and recognise ourselves in others. Nobody is untouched by the world(s) they inhabit.