Anna-Lena Krause is a visual artist from Berlin, currently based in London. Her work often explores sociological and cultural phenomena in modern societies, focusing primarily on perception and memory. In particular, she questions how ideas we have of ourselves are shaped by the environments we are nurtured in. The work investigates the dialog between the external and the internal, the other and the self and the entanglement that happens in between to highlight how fragile and dependent memory is in relation to our perception. Combining photography, film and sculpture she looks at how different forms of representation can highlight the differences in our shaping of ideas of the world. The work suggests that perception, like memory, is not a passive but an active action; our wholeness and continuity aren’t a given but made by us.

Krause has had various group exhibitions including the Rencontres des Arles, the European Months   of Photography, ‘Sweet Harmony‘ at Saatchi Gallery, London and ‘No Photos on the Dance Floor‘ at C/O Berlin.
Her work has been published among others in British Vogue, Sleek Magazine, Oystermagzine and WWD.